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Cigarette(Blanks & Outers) – Cigarette reels (Wrapping paper)

Detergents(boxes & carriers)

Pharmaceuticals(boxes, labels, leaflets)

Fast Food Packaging(Full hygiene standards approval)


Wines & Spirits

Beer & Beverages – Wrap-around packaging

Food & Cereals Boxes

Confectionary boxes

Board games


Footwear & Clothing

Promotional items





Labels – In-Mould – Wet strength – Self Adhesive labels – Shrink

Wines & Spirits

Beer & Beverages

Product specialization / Special Lines Summary

  • Wrap-around packaging: Packaging specially constructed to hold bottles, cans or other small containers, and which can be suitable for refrigerated storage conditions and resistant to water and moisture for prolonged periods.
  • Handle Attachment: Fitted to facilitate lifting of carrier packs.
  • Matchboxes: A specialized product with hi tech-friction surface.
  • Window patching: “See-thru” film applied to windows on the packet, designed to allow exposure of the packaged product.
  • Foil Stamping (Hot Stamping): An advanced process of enhancing the appearance of the pack, available in various shining colorations of gold and silver etc.
  • Hologram application:
  • Lamination –  E, B, C, BC-flute or even double corrugated board lamination of preprinted sheets of large size
  • Specialized varnishing process: High-gloss finish, mat-finish and other applications of varnishing, designed to make the packet more sophisticated and attractive.
  • Film Lamination: Thin film is laminated to the surface of the pack substrate to give mat or high-gloss finish as well as extra protection to the final pack.
  • Spot Varnishing: High surface spot gloss finish.
  • Embossing: Raised or depressed design produced by pressure, pressed between an engraved patterned steel die or plate and paper covered plate to give a 3D affect to the pack.
  • Pearlescent & Metallure pigment Application