90 years – Celebrating the Past & the Present

In 1927 a small factory called “Kypros” began its operation in the town of Limassol. Its owner Emanuel Kalogirou came from Alexandria of Egypt following the wave of Greek nationals fleeing the country because of the political turmoil that swept it in the years of Nasser.

Emanuel decided to land in Cyprus, bringing with him generations of know-how in box making, printing and packaging, a trade of which the Greeks of Alexandria were renowned for.

Although operationally small in size “Kypros”, due to its attention to detail, insistence in excellence, focused on quality and continuously striving towards innovation soon developed into a healthy business employing a growing number of skilled workers and investing a large number of its revenue into new technology.

Soon the original buildings in the old town of Limassol became suffocating for this expanding operation, new structures of 2,000 m.sq. where raised to house the 30 metres long printing machines imported from England.

By that time the operation was passed on to the able hands of Demetres Couvas, son in law of the founder, who took on the challenge to establish the company into the largest operation of its kind in Cyprus.

During those years two brothers had returned from their studies abroad, and began to work in the factory floor as did their father and grandfather before them. Emanuel and Makis the sons of D. Couvas proved to be the perfect team to take on and realise the vision of their grandfather and father.

In 1969 Emanuel Couvas took over as Chairman and Managing Director of D. Couvas & Sons Ltd, while Makis as Director of Operations, from then on the company went into high gear, from a humble 150,000 CYP to an impressive 8 million CYP annual turnover.

By 1980 the small box making firm “Kypros” had developed into the largest printing and packaging factory of the region employing 300 staff and skilled workers while producing not only for the local market but exporting to 15 other countries. Once again the size of operations forced the company to move to new headquarters of 50.000 m.sq. in the Ypsonas industrial area, strategically located by the port of Limassol, in which they remain till today.


Today the Couvas Group of companies celebrate 90 years of operations, a celebration well deserved.  The Couvas group, is regarded as one of the leading lithographers & packaging materials experts in Southern Europe and the Middle East, servicing clients and providing the best printing and packaging solutions for these last 90 years.

The Couvas Group has remained loyal to its tradition of printing and packaging excellence while at the same time integrating in its processes the cutting edge of printing technology, thus possessing the know-how, the technology, and the proficiency to compete in the most demanding markets around the world.

Following its commitment to constant improvement they have recently been accredited with the ISO 9001: 1994 standard and have immediately launched a new effort so as to be accredited with the ISO 9002: 2000, actually the only company with such an accreditation in its sector both in Cyprus and the surrounding area.

Today the carton factory has a production capacity of 25,000 tons yearly, while the paper packaging unit capacity amounts to 12,000 tons.

The two units employ 200 skilled and trained personnel allocated to the various departments.

With a lookout for the demanding local and the quality minded European and international market, the company has concentrated on, and produces quality work. It is proud to rank among the world-wide appointed and approved printers of Rothmans Intl. U.K., serving their requirements not only for the Cyprus market but for the U.K. and Greece, Middle East Countries and any destination as might be required by them.

Among their traditional clients at different times were global companies like Beecham U.K., McLeans, Henkel, B.A.T., Unilever, Welcome Foundation, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Seven -Up, Canada Dry, as well as a number of their licensees.